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Protect your eyes from diabetic retinopathy

Diabetic Retinopathy is a vascular pathology in which the micro vessels of retina are getting affected. It is a silent killer of vision wherein the patient will not know the changes happening within the eyes. Treatments done in the early stage will help to prevent blindness.

What happens in diabetic retinopathy?

Water in the pure form will flow easily through the pipes. When this water mixes with any impurities the speed of the flow will be disturbed and there will be narrowing of the channels due to stagnation of the impurities. In the similar way ina patient suffering from diabetes, the thickness of blood increases due to the increased amount of glucose.There will be difficulty in the flow of blood and blockage of channels. This will result in lack of nourishment to the tissues and imbalance of the tridosas(the three basic elements maintaining the body). There will be exudation of fluids from the channels leading to hindrance in vision.

Stages of diabetic retinopathy

According to Ayurveda, all eye diseases starts with infiltration from the head and eyes which leads to minor symptoms like watering and redness of eyes, heaviness of head. In this stage, generally the patient ignores it. But this stage can be treated in an excellent manner and prevent the eyes from getting retinal changes like heamorrhage. If the patient neglects this stage and continues with diabetes aggravating diet and regimens (like heavy,sweet,spicy,sour foods, excessive intake of green leafy vegetables, untimely foods, day sleep, lack of exercise) then it may worsen the condition and the patient will enter the next stage of the disease.

In the second stage, the patient will be experiencing flashes of light, blurring of vision, excessive glare at night times, drooping of eyelids. At this stage, if we don’t correct it then it may lead to severe complications like retinal detachment and total loss of vision. It is possible to passify the condition with proper Ayurvedic care where we will be ensuring to arrest the progression of the disease and prevent further vision loss.

Final stage there will be loss of vision to one eye or both eyes due to heavy bleeding from the retinal vessels. This stage is very difficult to manage.

Are you taking any precautionary measures to protect your eyes from diabetic retinopathy?

Currently, the treatments for Diabetic Retinopathy are given after a diabetic patient has been detected with Diabetic Retinopathy. i.e., all that a diabetic patient can do is to keep checking his eyes for signs of Diabetic Retinopathy, and when it occurs, take treatment.The treatment that he takes will only work symptomatically. Nothing is done to rectify the problem. Hence the symptoms will recur and the patient will have to go for the same treatment again. Each time when the symptoms appear the vision will be deteriorating and finally will make the person blind.

Healing Earth Multispecialty Hospital is introducing preventive eye care through exclusive Ayurvedic treatments which can strengthen the blood vessels and the nerve cells, remove the blockage of channels and enhance the blood flow . We also adopt therapeutic measures to keep the sugar level under control. There will also be certain diet and life style modifications which will be based on the patient’s condition and also varies based on the body constitution of the patient

There are also curative treatments for the advanced stages of diabetic retinopathy which can be managed in an excellent manner.