Lumbar spondylosis also known as spinal osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition that may cause loss of normal spinal structure and function. The inter vertebral disc and facet joints are affected with this degenerative disorder.It affects 60% to 80% of adults.There will be severe pain that radiates to legs with weakness of muscles, which makes the daily tasks impossible and person feels difficulty in sitting for a long time. There is unsteady gait that brings out problem in facing ones challenges in the society.

What is lumbar spondylosis?

It is a degenerative osteoarthritis which affects the lower spine i.e between the spinal vertebraea and neural foramina by narrowing the space. Patient complains of severe pain mainly during sitting and during bending and numbness and certain neurological disorders.

Causative factors:

Job nature: Ergonomic irregularities and repetitive use of body parts.

Sitting for long time, driving.

Injury or trauma.

How does lumbar spondylosis occurs?

Due to the narrowed space and osteophytes there is pressure on the nerves roots with sensory and motor disturbances thus causing numbness, tingling and pain which even radiates.

In chronic cases there will be stiffness and the vertebraes fuses thus immobilizing the area.

According to ayurveda, vata aggravates and gets accumulated in Trika pradesha causing degeneration of the asthi and drying up the synovial fluid.

Treatment of lumbar spondylitis:

Treatment involves nourishment of the bones and joints and soothing the nerves, thus preventing further degeneration by improving synovial fluid between the joints. Healing Earth Multispeciality Ayurveda Hospital is well equipped with all treatment facilities where pancakarma treatments are done with special care.

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