Physicians strive to do what is best for their patients. Healing Earth Multispeciality Ayurveda Hospital help the physicians to perform it better by conducting inspiring seminar sessions every month entitled as “Meteora Quest”, which literally means “A search fo knowledge”. By conducting such seminars we connect the doctors to eminent and resourceful people in the field of Ayurveda. There will be active interactive sessions with the presenter after the session. We were fortunate to perform such sessions successfully every month. Here are the few pictures of the different seminars done.

  • IMG-20160222-WA0009
  • IMG-20160222-WA0013
  • IMG-20151207-WA0009
  • IMG-20151208-WA0003
  • IMG-20160529-WA0000
  • IMG-20160529-WA0002
  • IMG-20160529-WA0003
  • IMG-20151206-WA0011
  • IMG-20151207-WA0001
  • IMG-20151207-WA0003
  • IMG-20160221-WA0034
  • IMG-20160221-WA0036
  • IMG-20160221-WA0037
  • IMG-20160221-WA0061
  • IMG-20160529-WA0008
  • IMG-20160529-WA0013
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