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    Soni Mulliappa


  • I've been suffering from back pain radiating to both legs since 20years associated with numbness and pulling pain. I took treatment from healing earth. It was very good. I feel relieved from the pain. Staff and doctors were very co-operative.Thanks.

    Sachin Gupta

  • I consulted doctor for headache, gastritis and burning sensation in stomach. The overall treatment was satisfactory. The doctors were very cordial and helpful. The followups helped in ensuring that I completed my treatments.

    Sachin Keni

  • I had severe pain and swelling of both knees with whole body pain.I consulted the doctor and as per her advice took 16 days of treatment and followed the diet modifications whatever she told.Igot excellent relief from pain and swelling.

    Usha Pant

  • I consulted the doctor for my allergic iisue and I've been experiencing the changes from day one of my treatment. All the doctors are very co-operative and I would specialy thank Anisha, the therapist for an excellent treatment.

    Shalini Veena Kumari

  • defult

    My name is Sunita.I am suffering from a fibroid problem due to a fibroid due to which I suffer with heavy menstural bleeding.But when I came to Dr.aswini right after my surgery she assured me to treat my problems and now it has been 15 days that my bleeding is controlled and hope in future I will be completely free of this problem. Dr.Aswini's outlook and assurance has brought confidence in me and I really look forward to get more success in my treatment and with her help and have a healthy life.

    Sunita Mishra

  • defult

    My son Aryan has felt much better after we started the treatment at earth for his respiratory as well as skin allergies.Though a little early to say but, Dr.Farida as well as Dr.Spoorthi have infused the beleif in me that over a period of 3-5 months he will be fine and somewhere i beleive in them as well as Ayurveda Thanks Bhavana kankariya

    Aryan Kankariya

  • defult

    I am Thyagraj aged 57 resident of Whitefield, Bangalore. I have started treatment for Psoriasis whihc has been there for more than 25 years.I have tried all forms of medicines like-English,Homeopathy and even Ayurvedic,but all had a short remedy. Now after treatment at Earth Hospital I had a miraculous result in a short period.I would recommend earth to my friends a nd relatives.

    Thayagaraja Achary

  • defult

    My name is Gouthami Manujunath aged 22 years resident of A Narayanapura, Bangalore. The treatment provided by Dr.Farida Khan was satisfactory. I was feeling better after taking treatment, now I am under internal medications and am expecting more results in the coming days .

    Gouthami Manjunath

  • defult

    I am Kavery. I was referred by a friend,the place has turned to be really magical,wonderful will recommed to all.

    Kavery Ganapathy

  • defult

    My name is Raghuram Shetty hailing from Haryana, consulted Dr.Spoorthi, my father found good result now for his knee pain. He has good result after 1 months treatment.The service was good & helpful too.

    RaghuRam Shetty

  • defult

    I had attended their procedured for 1 week.I felt a lot of releif.The attendands were good and they did the massages well. looking forward to seeing more results in few days ahead


  • defult

    I am Varaha Venkatesh resident of HSR Layout Bangalore.I visted for Weight Loss.Consultation is Good.I found good results. Taking Internal Medication and waiting still for more results

    Varaha Venkatesh

  • defult

    My name is Natarajan.We were reffered by Dr.Lakshmi for the treatment.Infrastructure is really good and the doctors were also kind enough to adress our issues.Even though the bill is high the quality of treatment which we received was excellent.Over all rating would be 3\5 for the infrastructure and the doctors response and for the treatment.


  • defult

    I am Sudha vani aged 45 years a resident of HSR Layout,Bangalore.I had a severe skin problem for which I has consulted Dr.Farida.My skin had become black and I had lot of itching,I had pigmentation too.I have been treated since one month and I find a lot of changes.Doctor told me that the treatment is not for a single problem but for the body as a whole,which seems to be true.I am still under treatment and hope that I am out of this problem completely P.Sudha Vani.

    P.Sudha Vani

  • defult

    My name is Seema Gadoo aged 46 years residing at Suncity Bel Road,Bangalore.I was having a skin disease for which i consulted Dr.Farida.I have been under going treatment since November 2014 and must tell that the results are remarkable and amazing.Thanks to Dr.Farida and her team who have worked really hard to improve my condition. Thanks..Seema Gadoo

    Seema Gadoo

  • defult

    My name is Chandra Sekhar aged 34 years and I reside at Arekare,Bangalore.I was suffering from Psoriasis and the itching was too severe by then.Glad I chose this hospital.Staff is very professional.They always keep up the appointments schedules which helps me to plan.Completed first 11 day course and feeling good so far.From therapy sessions now swithing to medications.Hoping for greater results All the best

    Chandra Sekhar Kumbar

  • defult

    I am Priyadarsini aged 25 years resident of Ejipura,Bangalore.I was suffering from Psoriasis and came to Healing Earth Hospital for cure.I consulted Dr.Farida for this problem.I was advised about 17 therapies which extended to a period of 2 weeks time.My lesions and cuts have reduced and I feel much better than what i used to be.Thank You Healing Earth for correcting my metabolism and my life-style.I am going to start my internal medication and i hope to get well completely.A huge clap for Dr.Farida and her team for helping me through and regaining my confidence. Thanks all...


  • defult

    I am Ashok Agarwal aged 63 residing at Shanthi Nagar.I was having a skin ailment for which I came to Healing Earth hospital by seeing the advertisement on Times of India.I was admitted here on advice of Dr.Farida Khan.My Treatment started on Monday 23rd October and today on November 4th I can tell that I feel much much better that before.This hospital has been doing a great work.My special thanks to Dr.Farida and staff who always have a smiling face and is ready to help always I wish them great sucess

    Ashok Agarwal

  • defult

    My name is Wajid aged 90 years old and from Benson Town.I was suffering from skin lesions all over my body associated with the itching sensation and pigmentation.I was admitted for a period of 1 week and treatments were carried out.The weeks stay was very relaxing and pleasing to me.I feel much better now.I am taking internal medications now and I hope for more improvement soon.Any treatment would care to come back.All staff and doctors services are great and I am very happy with the hospital environment. God bless you all...

    M.A Wajid

  • defult

    I visited Healing Earth Hospital for my son Kevin's skin ailment, he is 2 years old and has lesions around his arm pits,back neck and knees.Dr.Farida advised treatment for 8 days.Kavin showed improvement from the 3rd day itself and by the 8th day the lesions dried up almost by 50-60%. I am confident that the medicines given for the treatment will cure him completely.The doctors,staff and therapists are all very friendly and co-operative. Thanks ...

    Kevin Ekanathan

  • defult

    I am Prmeja Sekharan aged 71 years residing at Infantry Road.I was suffering from knee joint pain as a result of which I was not able to walk without difficulty. Initially I took treatment for 8 days and was also given internal medications during this term.I am extremely happy with the treatment provided at the hospital. My pain at the knee is improved and I feel that I can be able to walk now without much difficulty.I would like to suggest to all this hospital and also will tell my friends and family.I am now under maintance treatment which I take once in week which is very fruitful. Regards Premaja Sekharan

    Premeja Sekharan

  • defult

    I am Jagadish Reddy aged 75 years residing at Srinivas Nagar near K.R PURAM.I had psoriasis from the past 10 years. I consulted Dr.Farida khan for the problem,took treatment for 1-2 months.I was also given internal medications to be taken along with the treatment.I am happy with the treatment and my ailment is cured almost 95 % even though Ifind the expense a bit on the higher side.I would like to thank Dr.Farida,Dr.Spoorthi and all team along with the staff for there excellent service that was provided to me during the course of the treatment.Special mention to the therapists who did good therapy for me. Thanks...V.Jagadish.Reddy

    Jagadeesh Reddy

  • defult

    I am Suresh residing at Teachers Colony,HSR layout .I am aged 26 and I am suffering from Muscular Dystrophy.I came to know about the hospital from Internet while searching for Ayurvedic Hospital with good service ratings.I consulted Dr.Farida for the .I am very happy about the treatment provided to me by the therapist and the doctors in this hospital are world-class,their advice and guidance helped me a lot in maintaining my health in good shape even though the treatment I have got a new level of confidence to lead my life stress free. Thank you for the stupendous job Team Healing Earth.I will refer this hospital to my Friends. 5 stars..Dr.Farida Khan and her team


  • balu

    I always prefer Ayurveda and that could ever helped me to lead a healthy life through out. Healing Earth was a new experience for me and i really love the way they use the secrets of ayurveda on treatments!


    Thaivelikakath, Lane no. 14, Azad Road, Kaloor, Cochin
  • final

    Now i can feel better and relaxed since i started treatments for my neck pain that was trubling me for the last seven years. I personally thank the doctors and their effort which could srengthened my hope and I belive they could do miracles the way they cure diseases and treat patients. Thank you so much team Healing Earth.


    House no IV/46, Mullackal, Alappuzha