Infertility or vandhyatwa is the inability to have a viable child even after one year of regular unprotected intercourse. It can be primary infertility where a woman has never been pregnant or it can be secondary infertility where one had previous pregnancy with or without a live child. Infertility is considered as a result of impairment in four factors as per Ayurveda.

  • Beeja : abnormalities in sperm and ovum
  • Kshetra : healthy internal and external genital organs free from any congenital or acquired abnormalities
  • Ritu : the proper time for conception ie,awareness of the fertility period
  • Ambu : proper hormonal milieu and proper metabolism

Beeja : Disorders of Ovum and sperm can cause infertility

  • Ovulatory factors of infertility: PCOD causing lesser ovulation or anovulation,Premature ovarian failure etc.
  • Disorders of sperm : inadequate count,abnormal morphology,decreased motility etc

Kshetra dushti : any structural abnormalities of the uterus that can prevent implantation and proper development of the embryo.

Ambu : Any upset in the hormonal balance can lead to infertility

Ritu : Proper awareness of fertile period

Causes of infertility

Ahara :improper dietary habits like excess use of poultry chicken and other fast food and junk foods adversely affect the hormonal balance in the body affecting fertility.
Vihara: sedentary lifestyle and tremendous stress and strain in the present day affects the mind and indirectly affects hormonal balance.


Ayurveda has a holistic approach and we aim at curing the root cause rather than correcting the symptoms. The mind and body are considered while treatments are planned.

  • Avoiding the causative factors is the first line of management.
  • Proper selection of the medicines which are unique to each patient based on their body constitution.
  • A complete detoxification is done to ensure that a healthy ovum and sperm is formed
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